With version 2.2 on Android we have made many aesthetic changes on the application, which will be very useful for the on-field staff. It make the app little faster and your field executives can not get all the information on their finger tips.

Login To The App

Login is simple. Just enter your Executive account details on the app and you are good to go. Please note only executive can login in to this app.


The Homepage of the app. Here you can find your current day's schedule i.e. the meetings you have to attend, their address and other details.

Also, clicking on the Top-left menu button will open additional drawer with other options.

Check In / Check Out

Check-In and Check-Out are used to mark your attendance.

When you Check-In our system mark that location as your attendance place and the location details and time will be sent to the server. Same will be the case when your Check-Out.

To check-in or check-out click on the LogIn or Logout button.

Verify That You Are Logged-In

As soon as you login, you can see this Notification on your notification drawer. It shows that you have been successfully logged in our system.

This notification will stay there until you check-out at the evening.

Create A Beat Plan Yourself

Now, you can create beat-plan/visits/tasks yourself from the application. Click on the pink button at the bottom right to open the form. Fill it and save it.

The task, which you have created from this form will be pushed on your dashboard at the respective date.

Start A Meeting

Everything in TeamSpoor revolves around two things.

1. Beat Plan
2. Meeting

Beat plan defines the daily schedule and meeting ensures that you are following your beat plan to the point.

To start the meeting click on the timer.

Finish A Meeting

The counter should keep running till the meeting is on. Once, you are finished with the meeting, just click the counter again to stop it.

This will open up a form to fill the details about the meeting.

How Beat Plan Looks?

This is a sample of how the beat plan entries will look like on your app dashboard.