TeamSpoor is full-service suite to manage your employees in multiple locations be it in different country or city. To manage the employees efficiently they are categorized in different teams, which are based on real-life scenarios as:

  • Offices
  • Managers
  • Teams
  • Field Executives


Offices are the building block of the team. You can put all your employees in a single office or you can make multiple offices depending upon the locations, city, country etc.


Every office could have multiple managers and employees in it. Managers are team handler i.e. they handle a group of employees & all the data generated by them will be accessible by the manager.

The manager can send messages to their team members, check their attendance records, access their current location & can also check the visits made by them.

A manager can handle only one team at a time.


Teams are groups, which is handled by a manager. A team can have multiple employees based out in the same location or in a different location but their manager will remain same.

Field Executives

Members whom you are tracking. Only field executives can login into the app and create visits.

Once you have created the Offices, Managers, Teams & Field executives now is the time to ask your field executives to download the TeamSpoor app from the Google Play Store / Apple App Store and log in with the credentials received on their email.