For online subscriptions, you are allowed to change the number of licenses anytime during the billing period. You are also allowed to change your plans during the billing period i.e., you can upgrade or downgrade any time. To cancel the subscription please visit here.

To change the billing or to subscribe the service please follow the given steps.

1. Goto Billing (Upgrade) from the left side Menu.

2. Click on Manage Plans button.

3. Select the plan from the drop-down list you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

4. Once the plan is selected, click on "Choose Plan" button at the bottom.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade/downgrade your plan.

If you are creating a new subscription then it will ask your credit card details and if you are just upgrading/downgrading then it will show the confirmation on next screen.

Please Note: You are allowed to upgrade or downgrade your plan once in 60 days only i.e. if you have changed your plan today then you can change it again only after 60 days from today.

In case of downgrading the plan where you have extra time left in your current subscription, we will issue you a credit note, which will be applied on next renewal automatically.