TeamSpoor's field executive app binds with the mobile device once a user login to the app for the first time after download.

This ensures the same user id (email) cannot be used on any other device without the account's admin permission and  it also curtails the misuse.

However, there are situation where a user wants to change his device e.g, got a new phone, reformats the old phone, uninstalled the app, major upgrade in the app, etc.

In this case the admin has to unlock the device from the Admin panel and then only a user can login to a new device.

1. Goto Teams --> Field Executives (from the left hand menu)

2. Click on the Field Executive's name to open the profile.

3. Under user profile, click on the icon given across "Device Lock". (It should be in unlock mode).

Once it is unlocked, your user can login to other device with same userid and password.