We have made several setup videos for ZipCall. These videos will help you to setup ZIpCall service on your website.

A. What is ZipCall and how it is beneficial for your company? https://youtu.be/WfOoGLGMVOY

B. Create ZipCall user account from the App. https://youtu.be/s4zSTcTdT5k

C. Integrate the User's ZipCall account with Intueri CRM. https://youtu.be/dMTumRPC704

D. Create and setup a ZipCall IVR number for your company. https://youtu.be/I28vsIEZLsA

E. Create IVR for your ZipCall number. https://youtu.be/4s_hOqyHEfE

Please follow the steps in the order as mentioned for seamless integration of the service.